About OSIS

For well over a decade designer and furniture maker Joseph La Macchia has been refining the recipe that has now become OSIS WoodWax. In the mid 2k’s Joseph was compelled to create an environmentally friendly wood conditioner that was free of any petroleum products for use with his line of cutting and serving boards. He has been producing and selling a version of this wax to his clientele ever since. 

OSIS WoodWax is an all natural petroleum-free wood finish. It both protects and renews your utilitarian wood products leaving a silky smooth surface after application. When applied regularly it will keep your wood looking fantastic and well protected for decades. 

OSIS is made with the highest quality natural and organic plant based oils and waxes available. Once again, ZERO petroleum byproducts are used in OSIS. 

It is small batch crafted in WI to assure the freshest product we can deliver. 

Be sure to check out our Application & Care page for how to apply OSIS and naturally care for all of your wood products. 

No gloves required! It’s as good of a skin salve as it is a wood finish.  

Safe for kids!