Application & Care


  • Dishwashers are where wood goes to die. Don’t do it!!!
  • Treat your cutting board like a countertop and not like a plate when cleaning. What’s that mean? Never submerge or soak the board in water. Wipe down the board with a clean rag or sponge. Use very light soap only as necessary.
  • Be mindful of water pooling or collecting under the board or leaving it on a damp towel.  This is not advised and will compromise the flatness of the board. Air should flow around all sides of the board as it dries. 

Wood Conditioning 

If your wood product is used frequently then it should be regularly treated with OSIS to maintain its sheen. A monthly maintenance application is recommended. This keeps your wood wares both looking beautiful and more importantly protects them by creating a barrier from bacteria and pathogens. We oil our boards as soon as they start to lose that silky soft sheen and you should do the same.

Bring wood conditioner up to room temperature. A hair dryer can be used to lightly soften the material and expedite the process. With a lint free rag or paper towel apply a small amount of OSIS onto the towel and wipe down the board completely. Add more until the board has been fully coated. Let the board sit for as little as a minute or as long as overnight, then gently wipe down any remaining wax that hasn’t been absorbed into the wood. The board should have a beautiful sheen to it again. 

Light Cleaning 

Wipe down with damp cloth or sponge. Scrape any dried pieces of food off with the edge of a steel or plastic kitchen scraper. Light soap use is ok. Just keep it to a minimum and throughly wipe down the board to remove any soap residue. Towel dry immediately. Leave out to air dry, try to stand the board on an edge or prop it up against another object and then rotate the board as needed so all sides are able to fully dry out. 

Deep Cleaning

Wipe board down with damp sponge. Scrape any dried pieces of food off with the edge of a steel kitchen scraper. 

Lightly salt the board. Cut a lemon in half and place the cut half on the board and scrub with your hand across the surface of the board. This acts as an antibacterial cleanser. Once completed, wipe down the board again with a damp sponge or cloth removing all the salt and lemon residue. Wipe down completely with a dry cloth. Stand on it’s side and rotate so all sides are allowed to dry.

Once dry it is critically important to treat the wood with OSIS so it regains it’s sheen and protective barrier. After a deep cleaning I recommend that the board is conditioned several times over the next couple of days 

Odor Elimination

For acidic odors sprinkle the board with baking soda. Mist baking soda on board with water from a spray bottle and let sit for 15-30 minutes and rinse. You can also just dust it with baking soda and let sit.

For alkaline odors mist board lightly with a solution of 4 parts water and 1 part white vinegar  and let sit for 5-10 minutes and rinse. 

Be careful if you attempt these odor eliminating methods. In some instances discoloration can occur. It’s best to test a small inconspicuous area on the bottom of the board before proceeding.